Mark Emory Graham Chapter

Diocese of Atlanta Customaries

Early in 2015 Assisting Bishop Whitmore wrote to Rectors and Priests In Charge of all Diocesan Parishes.  His message was developing leadership.  Accompanying his letter were  Customaries supporting the use of vergers as leaders within the Parish.

Below are Customaries presented by the MEG Chapter and blessed by Bishop Whitmore.

Bishop Diocesan's Customary for Pastoral Visitations

The Bishops pastoral visitation to a Parish or worshiping community becomes a special occasion in the life of the Parish.  This Customary offers suggestions for a Verger when a Bishop visits his/her Parish. 

This Customary has been developed as a guide for all Parishes and can be used as an aid to assist Parishes that are contemplating starting a Verger ministry or are in the early stages of a Verger ministry.  The Customary is intended to be used for Holy Eucharist (the principal Sunday service).  This Customary may easily be adapted for local customs and other services.