Mark Emory Graham Chapter

Goodbye from Lorie

Verger Atlanta

Lorie displaying her farewell gift of gavel and plaque

Photo: Curt Yarbrough

Fellow Vergers:

I’d like to take a moment to thank St. Peter’s for hosting our 2016 summer assembly meeting in Rome, Georgia.  A thank you to those who prepared the altar and those who prepared the buffet with a special “Thank You” to Dawn Hampton, who created a wonderful setting for this year’s meeting.

Thank you Bishop Whitmore for your steadfast support for the vergers in the dioceses of Atlanta and thank you Suzie Whitmore for providing us with another opportunity to serve at the Rainbow Village fundraiser this month. 

Here are some highlights from the last 2 years:

The first question we asked ourselves was “How can we motivate more vergers to come to chapter meetings”? Our first answer was to create more relevant, informative meetings in geographically dispersed parishes. Fellowship and the opportunity to share information has been important. The Q & A sessions with Bishop Whitmore, over the last two years, have provided us with knowledge to promote strong leadership, and guidance to encourage our growth.

Last year, the Verger Customaries were created and distributed with the help of the Bishop’s office. They were sent to all rectors, in nearly 100 parishes around the diocese.

This board put a strong focus on communication. With Chuck Dale, as Communications Chair, we took communications to a whole new level. This has improved our visibility and created more opportunities to serve throughout the diocese: Hearts to Serve in 2015; the Renewal of Vows in 2015; Annual Councils in 2014 and 2015; a Ministry Fair; the upcoming Rainbow Village fundraiser; and Acolyte Festival on September 10th.

An important decision was made by the Commission on Liturgy and the MEG Verger Chapter to postpone the Acolyte Festival. More time was needed to streamline the registration process and to encourage more acolyte participation. A new date of September 10th has been secured with both Bishops Wright and Whitmore leading the attendees.

As a board we determined it was time to invest in a new logo and created a banner for display at council, the VGEC conference, and beyond. It will be displayed at the 2016 VGEC Conference in Spokane, WA.  September 22nd through September 25th.

Under this board’s guidance and specifically with Chuck Dale’s support we secured the VGEC 2017 conference for Atlanta and extended an invitation to and received an acceptance from Presiding Bishop Curry to participate.

I would like to take one last opportunity to thank the MEG Board of Directors for 2014-2016. It has been an honor to serve as your Chair. It has been a time of growth as an individual, a verger, and a servant of God.

Thank you for the opportunity to grow with you.

Lorie Tola

Retiring Chair of the MEG Chapter