Mark Emory Graham Chapter

Successful Acolyte Festival

Verger Atlanta

Diocesan Acolyte Festival


September 10, 2016

By all standards the Acolyte Festival was an unqualified success with nearly 200 folks in attendance.  We saw many, many happy faces on all the Acolytes.  If you were unable to attend, you missed an exhilarating and wondrous experience.

Our acolytes learned why Episcopalians celebrate the liturgy as we do.  They attended several informational workshops.  They all participated in Acolyte Olympics for team building. The older youth participated in a panel discussion that was entitled “Once an Acolyte…Always an Acolyte” highlighting that the skills learned as an acolyte are skills that they will use again and again as they move forward in school and their career.

Both Acolytes and adults were treated to an extensive Q&A session with Bishop Wright that covered a wide range of subjects.  The Acolytes were not bashful and asked meaningful questions.  In Mikell Chapel Bishop Whitmore led a Q&A session with Senior Acolytes and Acolyte Coordinators.

Saving the best for last; the Festive Holy Eucharist service was truly a highlight.  Participating in the Procession were over 30 Acolytes with significant roles in the service, 13 Vergers, all the assembled Acolytes and Chaperones/Sponsors, and Bishops Whitmore and Wright.

Bishop Whitmore was the Celebrant, and Bishop Wright was the Preacher. He delivered an inspiring homily, standing among the assembled, that all Acolytes could understand and enjoy.  He was truly animated.

The music provided by Trey Clegg and the ladies of The Spelman Glee Club was uplifting and powerful.

At the conclusion of the service, the Acolytes were released by Parish so that each Acolyte could be photographed with her/his Parish and Bishops Wright and Whitmore.  What a glorious day it was!

Bill Monk provided these photographs.  He has published four albums of photographs and videos of the 2016 Acolyte Festival.  To view these albums, click here.

Ken Singleton, Verger, St. Paul's - Atlanta created these collagesfor everyone.