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Travel from Airport to Marriott Marquis

Verger Atlanta

The MARTA fare is only $2.50 one way.  However, you must have a new Silver Breeze Card which costs an additional $2.00.  Buying a Breeze Card in person is your best bet for same-day travel and for the duration of your stay in Atlanta. Breeze vending machines are located at all MARTA stations. The Breeze Card is a long-term use card; is durable; allows the loading and reloading of various fares; and is meant to be kept for future use and reloading. 


If your plans are to only use MARTA for you travel to and from the airport and hotel, and you want to save $1.00, we suggest you purchase a paper Breeze Ticket for $1.00. Add the round-trip fare of $5.00 and the total will be only $6.00. The paper Breeze ticket is for limited use, it is not reloadable, and will expire in 90 days. If you decide later to take another MARTA trip, you may have to purchase another paper Breeze ticket for $1.00! If you buy the silver Breeze Card initially for $ 2.00 you can reload additional fares as often as needed. And you will have an Atlanta souvenir!

MARTA trains are conveniently located near the baggage claim in both airport terminals.  You do not even have to go outdoors, just take the escalator up to the trains.  Take either the Red Line or the Gold Line. They depart every 15-20 minutes.  Exit the train at the Peachtree Center stop (N-1 Station).  Turn towards the direction of the train (north) and go up the escalator.  After a few steps, there will be another escalator (a really long one).  At the top, you are just 5 minutes (indoors) away from the Hotel.  Walk through the Food Court to the end, turn left, then turn right at the ATM. Follow the signs to the Marriott Marquis.

On Thursday, October 13, 2017, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Verger Greeting Hosts (wearing bright blue smocks with the VGEC Logo) will be stationed at critical locations to help guide you along the way.  When you reach the Marriott Marquis, the VGEC Registration Desk will be immediately to your left.  You will be on the Atrium Level.  Take the convenient escalator down one floor to reach the Hotel Registration Desk.



A detailed slide presentation has been created to aid in traveling from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to the Marriott Marquis Hotel.  The slide show below begins as you exit security at the airport and ends at the VGEC Registration Desk at the hotel. 

You may have joined the presentation in progress.  Please let it cycle until you see this symbol, which signifies the beginning:



Vergers attending the Annual Conference may want to Bookmark, or add to Favorites on your mobile phone before you leave home. When you arrive in Atlanta just open the link.  For best viewing, please hold your phone horizontally.  You can enlarge the photos for easier viewing.