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MEG Chapter ByLaws Amendments Posting 2 (20190511)

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By-Law Changes – Up-Coming Vote at the Spring Assembly Meeting in Jasper, Georgia

(Current Bylaws verbiage is in Italics - Proposed Changes in Bold)

In accordance with the By-Laws of the MEG Verger Chapter this communication will serve as the official posting of proposed By-Law Changes to the Diocese of Atlanta Verger Community and shall be posted as required on the official MEG Verger Chapter web site:  under Current News.
ARTICLE VII - BYLAWS Amendments to these bylaws shall be by majority vote of those Chapter members in attendance at the annual business meeting and shall be effective at that time unless otherwise stated. Any such proposed amendments shall be published on the Chapter web site and in the newsletter at least two months prior to the meeting at which they are presented for a vote. In that notice, members shall be advised of the opportunity to provide written comments or questions to the Chair during that time frame.
Please provide any written comments or questions to:  Martha-Sue Blythe, Chair of the MEG Board  These changes reflect input already received on previous input. The MEG Board would like to get these all cleaned up at our up-coming Assembly.


The name of this body shall be “The Mark Emory Graham Chapter (Diocese of Atlanta) of the Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church,” hereinafter referred to as “ The Chapter.”


The mission of the Chapter is to promote and support vergers in their ministries throughout the parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. The Chapter will create an atmosphere of fellowship to provide opportunities to welcome and assist any vergers within the Diocese in fulfilling their duties within their assigned parish.  The Chapter will be a resource for the exchange of information vital essential to vergers in performing their duties as well as training when requested.  The Chapter will also maintain a close and enduring connection with the National Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church.


The GuildChapter, expressly binding itself and its members, submits itself to the authority of the Constitution of the Diocese and the Constitution of ECUSA, separately or collectively the "Constitution," Canons of the Diocese and the Canons of ECUSA, separately and collectively the "Canons" and the duly elected, installed and serving Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, variously known as the "Bishop," "Ecclesiastical Authority" or the "Ordinary."


4-1 Government: The affairs of the Chapter shall be governed by a Board consisting of six  seven officers as defined in Article 4-2, together with such members-at-large as may be defined under the terms of Article 4-4.

4-2 Officers - Duties:  

4-2-1 Chair: The Chair shall provide leadership and vision for the Chapter, shall act as chair of business sessions and meetings of the Board, represent the Chapter at official functions, and shall perform any other normal duties of that office, including the preparation of an annual report. 

4-2-2 Vice Chair: In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall act in his/her place.  The Vice Chair will support other duties or lead special projects at the direction of the Chair.  The Vice Chair shall be nominated to become the new Chair when his/her term as Vice Chair expires.
4-2-3- Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain the records of the Chapter, undertake all necessary correspondence, assist in scheduling and planning meetings, take minutes of official meetings and act as liaison with other bodies. 

4-2-4- Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Chapter and shall be authorized to: send approved reminders to members for annual dues due, receive dues and other funds, make authorized disbursements, keep necessary records of financial transactions, and prepare an annual financial report. The Treasurer works closely with the Financial Department of the Diocese of Atlanta, who maintains the financial assets of the MEG Verger Chapter.
4-2-5- Training: The Training Chair shall be responsible for conducting periodic educational meetings for the Chapter and shall be responsible for arranging verger training for member parishes when so requested. 

4-2-6- Communications: The Communications Chair shall be responsible for making known the activities of the Chapter as considered appropriate by the Board and as approved by the Chair, including posting information on approved web and social media sites, preparing the periodic chapter newsletter and disseminating any other correspondence as requested by the Board Chair.

4-2-7- Membership The Membership Chair shall be responsible for maintaining a current roster of all dues paying members of the Chapter and, to the extent possible, a list of all vergers in the diocese.  Ensuring Membership Certificates are sent out and MEG Verger Patches are sent as appropriate to all new members.  Membership Chair will lead and direct a Membership Committee which will be responsible for reaching out to all existing and new vergers on a periodic basis with the intention of growing MEG Chapter membership.  The MEG Chapter Verger Roster is owned solely by the MEG Chapter Board of Directors (BOD).  The roster is not for personal use in any manner. If a copy is requested, the request must be submitted in writing to the Chairperson.  The MEG BOD will review the request and vote on its merits.  Under no circumstances is the official roster to be used for solicitation or to be sold.
4-3 Election of Board Officers

4-3-1 Election of board officers shall take place at the annual business meeting as defined in section 6-1 in even numbered years.  Board officers shall hold office for two (2) years. 

4-3-2 Prior to the annual meeting, the Board shall propose a slate of nominees to be presented at the meeting, including the name of the current Vice Chair as the proposed new Chair..  Nominations from the floor shall also be accepted at the meeting subject to the consent of the candidate. 

4-3-3  All candidates must be Chapter Members (see per Article V 5.2.2)—paid members. 

4-3-4  Voting for each office shall be carried out separately, and the candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected and shall take office at the end of the meeting at which they were elected.. 

4-4 Members at Large - Appointed Board Members

4-4-1 Members-at-large may be appointed by the Chair of the Board and may act as chairs of committees for specified functions, such as membership special projects, bylaws, displays, etc. 

4-4-2 The number and spheres of responsibility of the members-at-large shall be determined from time to time by the Board. 

4-4-3   No more than three (3) members-at- large may be appointed by the Chair at any time, but shall hold office, and be voting members of the Board, only until the next annual business meeting or until the completion of their assigned duties, whichever is earlier.  

4-5 Vacancies:

4-5-1 Vacancies in the position of any officer shall be filled by election at the next annual, special, or mid-year business meeting. 

4-5-2 Vacancies may be filled temporarily by the Chair as necessary to ensure the continuity of the duties of that position but such appointments must be ratified at the next meeting of the Chapter.


  5-1 Membership: All vergers in the Diocese are automatically members of the Chapter and can attend and participate in meetings, take advantage of training, materials, fellowship, etc.  Payment of dues is required to be eligible to vote. 

5-2  Types of Membership: There shall be the four types of membership: 

5-2-1 Members are those vergers serving in the Diocese of Atlanta. 

5-2-2 Chapter Members are those Atlanta Diocese Vergers who have paid their dues to the Chapter. 

5-2-3 Associate Members are those Vergers from outside of the Diocese of Atlanta who have paid the dues to the Chapter. 

5-2-4 Honorary Members are those persons who have been selected by the Board for recognition for their service to the Chapter, particularly retired Vergers, or members of the Clergy.  They shall pay no dues and shall not have voting rights.   

5-3  Dues and Records

5-3-1  Membership dues shall be set by the Board from time to time and membership shall be for one year from the payment of dues.

 5-3-2  Dues shall be: billed,  received by and accounted for by the Treasurer. 

5-3-3  A roster of Members shall be maintained by the Communications Membership Chair .


Meetings should be set up with thoughtfulness of the membership. Consideration should be given to holding one meeting within the Atlanta Metro Area and one to be hosted by a parish outside the Atlanta Metro Area.

6-1  Annual Business Meeting: The annual business meeting shall normally be held in June mid-year of each calendar year at a parish within the Diocese of Atlanta that has extended an invitation to host the meeting. and which is convenient to as many members as maybe possible.

6-2 Acolyte Festival:  The Chapter is committed to supporting the acolyte festival sponsored by the Liturgical Commission of the Diocese of Atlanta in even-numbered years.

6-3  Special Meetings

6-3-1 A special business meeting of the Chapter may be called by the Board or by written notice from not less than thirty percent of the paid members. 

6-3-2 Written notice of such a meeting shall be given at least three weeks prior to the meeting and shall include full details of the reason for the meeting. 

6-3-3 Only those matters contained in the written notice shall be considered at a special business meeting. 

 6-4 Conduct of Business

6-4-1 The term “written notice” shall include transmission by U.S. mail, by e-mail, or publication in the Chapter newsletter to all Vergers on the Official Verger Roster.

6-4-2 All Chapter meetings shall be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order as a reference.

6-5 Mid-Year Business Meeting: Called an “Assembly”, will be held once a year.  At a parish within the Diocese of Atlanta or an Episcopal gathering place which is convenient to as many members as possible.


Amendments to these bylaws shall be by majority vote of those Chapter members in attendance at the annual business meeting and shall be effective at that time unless otherwise stated.  Any such proposed amendments shall be published on the Chapter web site and in the newsletter at least two months prior to the meeting at which they are presented for a vote.  In that notice, members shall be advised of the opportunity to provide written comments or questions to the Chair during that time frame.
Original Adopted June 12, 2010
Proposal as approved January 17, 2015 (clarification 1-19-15)
Amendment approved June 4, 2016
Proposed updates March 8, 2019

Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 11!!